NYSPEP'S mission is to promote and improve parenting education, in order to enhance parenting skills, knowledge and behavior.

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JULY 2020

Helping Families Plan for Children Should Parents Be Sidelined by COVID-19

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, families may want to make a plan for their children if the adults experience illness or hospitalization. This may be especially important for families considered essential workers or working "in person" with others.

Minnesota developed resources to help, and encourages others to adapt them for use with families in other states. The tools are available here.

Discipline is NOT A Dirty Word: Virtual Training on Discipline 

CCE Orange is hosting a Facilitator Training for Discipline is NOT a Dirty Word, coming up in September. This updated trauma-informed, resilience-building parenting curriculum supports parents and caregivers feel confident in their parenting skills and create nurturing environments for their children.

The training will begin on September 8th and run every Saturday through September 29th. For more information follow this link or e-mail.

NYSPEP 2020 Annual Report is Available

Wondering what NYSPEP was up to over the previous year? Check out our most recent Annual Report, hot off the presses. Follow our link to learn more about the work we have been doing.

JUNE 2020


A multi perspective integrated approach to ethical thinking and practice- how virtues, principles and relationships shape family work.

The webinar will be held on June 17th at 1:00 p.m.

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NYSPEP is excited to announce the 2020-2021 (Cohort 3) NYSPEP Grant Award Recipients! Special thanks to the NYSPEP Review Committee and all those across New York State who applied. This year our review committee has decided to fund the following Community Coalitions:

St. Lawrence County: Massena Community Services Coalition

Wayne County: Wayne County Partnership for Strengthening Families

Schuyler County: Early Childhood Community Coalition


This discussion will focus on the nature of grief surrounding COVID-19 recognizing that grief has no timeline and every pattern of grieving is individual. The presentation will provide real and practical suggestions and advice related to how to cope as a family and how to talk to, listen to and help children adjust and be supported. 

Life as we know it has been drastically altered by COVID-19 with worry about whether the world will ever be the same and anxiety about illness and even death cast over daily life. The losses in our daily lives are many including losing the presumption of health to the expectancies of daily life including food security for some. Grief is a normal process through which we all come to cope with and heal from losses in our lives. The work of grief includes: 1) expressing and regulating strong emotions; 2) shifting focus from the real to the remembered; and 3) internalizing and holding the good and positives that were part of  lost relationships and experiences. Unfortunately, some of our friends and family may  die from COVID-19 and both adults and children will have to process the grief as described above. For most, the grief related to COVID-19 will likely be temporary and more elusive related to missing what we had and did, much of which may return even in a way that is somewhat different and we will adjust to the “new normal”. While most people will not have to face the finality of death, but rather their familiar lives being disrupted and tinged with fear and anxiety. However, for those who must face the absolute grief that comes with loss of a loved one, it is important to provide more support through rituals and other means even if it must be provided virtually at this time. 

The webinar will be held on June 10th from 12:00-1:30 p.m.

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