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NYSPEP E-News, November 2018

2018 Community Cafe Conversations Coming Up! 

There are several Community Cafe Conversations coming up in the very near future. If you are interested, please visit the NYSPEP website and scroll down to 2018 Community Cafe Conversations for more information.

Article: Helping Dads with Parenting 

The concept of father as breadwinner is still stronger than ideals of fathers as nurturers. Find out how online communities are helping to change that with the Greater Good magazine article, “How Online Communities Help Dads with Parenting”. 


NYSPEP Member Spotlight: Julika von Stackelberg


NYSPEP would like to take this opportunity to highlight Julika von Stackelberg, Parenting & Family Life Educator at Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County. Julika serves as the Co-Chair for Orange County Parenting Coalition and is very dedicated in providing parenting education services to her community. Orange County Parenting Coalition is one of four community mini grant recipients of NYSPEP this year. In collaboration with Julika's leadership, NYSPEP has brought Community Cafe conversations to Orange County. Their cafe theme of Resilience engages participants in discussion surrounding increasing resilience through their work with children and families. The Orange County Parenting Coalition is currently engaged with three surrounding school districts. Thank you Julika for your passion and dedication in parenting education!

Read on to learn more about Julika:  

I grew up in Germany and went to volunteer in a kindergarten in a small village called Madietane in northern South Africa after graduating high school. My time there impacted me greatly! It impacted me so much that I was initially opposed to “formal education” as I thought formal education cannot possibly teach me what I really wanted to know and to learn about. 

Therefore I strung together my own education with programs in non-traditional leadership and acting for community development after leaving South Africa. When I learned about the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University in London, my mind about formal education was completely changed and I enrolled and completed my B.A. in African Studies and Development Studies.

Upon completion of my studies and traveling some more, I came to the U.S.A. to live with my now husband, whom I had met during my years of “informal education” in NY. I initially worked for an international development organization, but realized that if I wanted to have a family, the constant travel would interfere.

I then spent 13 years working in fundraising for education and to end gender-based violence. I loved this work, as I got to be involved in community building around causes that were important to me. 

During that time, my husband and I had three children and meeting the needs of a demanding job, commuting and also raising our children more or less by myself became a real challenge. There were many moments I wasn’t proud of my parenting and I knew that there must be a better way. 

In my search for tools that would help me be firm AND loving with my children, I came across the Jai Institute for Parenting. I soon enrolled in their parenting coaching certificate program and when I obtained my certificate, I negotiated fewer hours of work with my employer to allow me to start working with parents one-on-one by phone across the world as their parenting coach. I began to see incredible changes in my own family, as well as in the families I was working with and was hooked! I knew that I wanted to do this work full-time.

When my current position at Cornell Cooperative Extension opened up, I took the leap and left my position in fundraising completely. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I love my work with families in my community and I know that together we’re changing the world in ways I had dreamt of when I was a child.


You Asked, We Listened

At July's NYSPEP Summer Institute, attendees asked for further information about several topics including Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), responding to trauma, parenting and PTSD. Through the E-News, NYSPEP will be responding to those requests and highlighting resources that address these topics.

  • Center on Developing Child Harvard University:

·       FAQs on ACEs and Toxic Stress

·       New Infographic

Parenting with PTSD newsletter shared information about a new documentary,  “Wrestling Ghosts”,  which is about  “the epic inner journey of a young mother, who, over two heart-breaking and inspiring years, battles the traumas from her past in order to create a new present and future for her and her family.”   

There is also a review of the movie available through this link from ACEs Connection.


ACT for Youth is offering links to tools, guides, videos, and teaching materials related to young people and Internet use, digital safety and citizenship, and incorporating technology into youth programming through their Toolkit: Teens and Media.

Did you know that, on average, a child dies every ten days in the US from a television or furniture falling on top of him/her?  The National Parenting Education Network (NPEN) is partnering with the US Product and Safety Commission to inform parenting educators and provide them with materials about the dangers of furniture tip-over incidents and to urge simple and low-cost solutions to prevent tragedies. Please share these materials from the "Anchor It! campaign at your agencies and with the parents with whom you work! Visit the Anchor It! website for more information.

Video about the dangers of furniture tip-over incidents.

Anchor It Tip Sheets and Educational Posters in English and Spanish:






A Challenging Yet Motivating Journey: The Experiences of Young Adult Parents with Serious Mental Health Conditions

Research shows that people with serious mental health conditions tend to become parents at a younger age than their peers. This webinar

 will describe findings from qualitative interviews with 19 young adult parents (ages 22-30) living with serious mental health conditions. These personal narratives provide valuable insight on the unique experiences of young adult parents, a population that has received little attention. Common challenges included childcare, co-parenting, custody arrangements, and housing instability. 

To find additional help and resources to deal with serious mental health conditions, please visit NAMI-NYS

. This is the state organization of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the nation’s largest grassroots organization for people with mental illness and their families. It provides support to family and friends of individuals with mental illness and persons living with mental illnesses through more than 50 affiliates statewide. 

New Practically Perfect Parenting Podcast Episode Available

The National Parenting Education Network (NPEN) Practically Perfect Parenting Podcast series has a new episode available. This ongoing podcast project tackles some of the biggest issues parents face, with humor and wit. Brought to you by The Charles Engelhard Foundation along with NPEN and hosted by parenting educators John Sommers-Flannagan and Sara Polanchek, each episode pairs cutting edge research in the field and proven techniques. The newly added episode tackles the topic of sibling rivalry.  Share with your clients, or use for a professional development opportunities! 

NYSPEP E-News, October 2018

Training Alert: The Psychobiology of Trauma and Resilience in Families: Strengths in Immigrant and Refugee Communities (Adelphi University)

We often wish we knew how some families and children develop resiliency and are able to triumph in spite of adversity, while others seem unable to rise above their challenges. In examining these important questions, Dr. Sarah Enos Watamura is researching the neurobiological and psychological developments in families with young children--in both the children and the parents. She will help us understand the biological and psychological impacts of trauma for both children and adults, with a focus on the biological embedding of resilience. Her research encompasses newcomer families (immigrant and refugee families) in the United States, and guides us to consider the implications of infant and family mental health. This is a timely and important topic for the many disciplines that touch the lives of young children and families, and will increase our awareness of the physiology of resilience.

The training will be held on October 26th between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at Adelphi University.

To get more information or to register, click here.

NYSPEP Member Spotlight: Wales Brown

For nearly 30 years, Wales Brown, M.A. has dedicated his life to helping parents build stronger, healthier connections with their children throughout upstate New York and beyond. He has developed and implemented collaborative programs focusing on in-home preservation, parent education, and reunification of families with a history of abuse and neglect. His ability to connect with parents and children of varying backgrounds, his immense knowledge, and his dedication has led to state and national recognition in his field.

Wales was a foster parent for more than a decade and is a single father of four boys with special needs who were freed for adoption. He worked in Ecuador, Egypt, and India in children's residential facilities and was a founding member of the Leadership Training Initiative for people living with HIV/AIDS, developing programming to respond to the needs of those in undeserved communities.

His personal and professional background has made him uniquely qualified to work with the children and families of Northeast Parent & Child Society in Schenectady, New York for the past 29 years. He has been responsible for coordinating and teaching parenting groups for parents of children in different age groups through selected evidence-based curriculums. In addition to the group processes, he provides intensive individual in-home consultations and is a clinician in a supervised visitation program, coordinating and coaching visits using a coached visiting model and working with birth parents to build parenting skills and parental bonding. He recently completed his Masters in Adult Learning at Empire State College. He also coordinates a fathering program in his community service work to help fathers that have been separated from their children (www.fatherscareworkshop.com) and works privately in rural areas providing parent education.

He is a roller coaster junkie who has been involved with NYSPEP for six years!


How Brains Are Built: Core Story of Brain Development

Meg Akabas, NPEN Chair and NYSPEP Credentialed Parenting Educator, shared this website and video from the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative.

She says: "This short, four-minute "Brain Builders" video does an excellent job of explaining the brain science behind healthy development of infants and young children and the importance of environment and the parent/infant relationship. I plan on using it in some of my classes for expectant parents."

Updated Family Preparedness Wallet Cards and Fact Sheet for Caregivers and Educators

Before the kids go off to school, download and fill out the latest Family Preparedness Wallet Card. You will feel safer knowing your kids have family, medical, and emergency information at their fingertips. In addition to family info, the card gives numbers and websites for a variety of emergency services. Have family members carry a card at all times so they are prepared in case an event occurs when family members are not together. As Wallet Cards are now available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Armenian, and Russian, educators can print out and distribute cards for their students to complete and carry.

All families should have a Family Preparedness Plan as disasters can strike at any time, and there is usually little warning or time to prepare. Download the latest version of the Fact Sheet: Family Preparedness: Thinking Ahead, to learn steps to take before for an emergency event: (1) educate yourself and your family; (2) create a family emergency plan; (3) have a family communication plan; (4) make an emergency supply kit; (5) stay informed during and after an emergency; and (6) practice. The Family Preparedness fact sheet is now available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Armenian, and Russian.


More Attachment Vitamins Lessons!

You can now continue taking the Attachment Vitamins interactive, self-paced e-learning online course for adults working or living with children aged zero to five. Co-created by Alicia Lieberman, expert in parent-child attachment, child development, and trauma, Attachment Vitamins now includes the last four of the nine modules

Lesson 6: Social & Emotional Development in the Toddler and Preschool Years

This lesson explains the role that culture plays on parental expectations of behavior, identifies how executive functioning impacts children's behavior and development, discusses the Theory of Mind and its role in child development, and sets out strategies for parents to use in managing children's behavior.

Lesson 7: Mental Health Concerns in Early Childhood

This lesson identifies the developmental milestones of early childhood, discusses the development of the awareness of self, explains how developmental stages affect children's mental health, and discusses common mental health disorders in early childhood.

Lesson 8: Self-Care When Working in Early Childhood Mental Health

This lesson discusses some of the challenges providers experience in working in early childhood mental health, expains the importance of self-care for parents and providers, and defines reflective supervision.

Lesson 9: Cultural Considerations When Working in Early Childhood Mental Health

This lesson lays out the tenets to developing culturally-informed infant mental health, explains the importance of a culturally-informed infant mental health, explains the importance of a culturally-relevant practice, and gives guidance on engaging special populations.

Richmond County ToT

On August 31st, 2018 NYSPEP brought Community Café Training of Trainers to Richmond County. In partnership with Staten Island Perinatal Network, participants were equipped with knowledge on how to facilitate Community Cafes in their respective communities.  Round table discussions focused on conversations related to the Perinatal age group of 0-5. NYSPEP would like to thank Kara Georgi for facilitating the discussion, as well as the leads of the Staten Island Perinatal Network for their collaboration.

NYSPEP E-News, September 2018

Articles: Revealing the Lives of Black Fathers (The New York Times)

"When Robyn Price Pierre walked down the street with her husband and newborn baby, she often noticed the curious stares and smiles her spouse received from strangers as he pushed his daughter's stroller. She soon realized why: It was the surprise of passers-by encountering a scene that's mostly invisible in mainstream culture--a black man as a devoted parent.

This realization inspired Ms. Price Pierre, creative director of the publisher Twenty Eight Ink, to explore black fatherhood in depth and has resulted in her book 'Fathers,' which uses personal photos to depict the relationship between fathers and children. The first in a series of photo books about fatherhood to be edited by Ms. Price Pierre, 'Fathers' serves as an important corrective, challenging a dominant culture that tends to disparage, discredit, or underestimate black men."

To learn more about how this book came into being and what it hopes to accomplish, read the rest of the article here.

NYSPEP Member Spotlight: Wales Brown

Wales Brown, a member of NYSPEP's Steering Committee has been selected to present at this year's conference of the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), after rigorous peer review. At the conference, for tech-mediated learning projects from around the world and across many industries, Wales will present on his thesis topic, Using Mutual User Virtual Environments for Professional Development of Parent Educators. The conference work is published through the AACE database that is available through the Empire State College library and thousands of other participating university libraries. 

For more information about the Virtual Environments for Professional Development contact Wales at Wales.Brown@neparentchild.org.

You Asked, We Listened

At the recent NYSPEP Summer Institute, attendees asked for further information about several topics including Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), responding to trauma, parenting and PTSD. Through the E-News, NYSPEP will be responding to those requests and highlighting resources that address these topics. 

Attachment Vitamins: Interactive Course on Early Childhood Attachment, Stress, and Trauma.

This online course is an interactive, self-paced, e-learning course for those adults who often find themselves in the company of children ages zero to five and their families. Perfect for professionals such as early childhood educators and child care providers, public health workers, nurses and other medical providers, and case managers, and for the caregivers of young children. Co-created by Dr. Alicia Lieberman, author of The Emotional Life of the Toddler, and world-renowned expert in the areas of child development and trauma, Attachment Vitamins provides an overview of early social-emotional development with suggestions to support healthy and mutually satisfying caregiver relationships. During the course, participants will learn about early childhood social-emotional development; explore the impact of stress and trauma; reflect on the possible meanings of children's behaviors; delve into the influence of culture on families' socialization goals; and become familiar with a number of strategies aimed to promote secure attachment and safe socialization practices.


Promundo promotes men's caregiving and active fatherhood to encourage equitable gender roles, prevent violence against women and children, and contribute to positive maternal and child health outcomes. Their partners around the world offer positive messaging through media and training classes, particularly for new fathers and couples, which have reached more than 250,000 people. They also encourage national-level advocacy within participating countries. 

Choosing the Right Apps for Kids, from Child Trends. 

Parenting Knowledge Among Parents of Young Children, A Research to Practice Brief.

Traumatic Separation and Refugee and Immigrant Children: Tips for Current Caregivers, from the National Traumatic Stress Network. NOW AVAILABLE IN SPANISH

Supporting Young Parents: A Toolkit from Act for Youth

Wall Posters: Celebrating What Fathers Do Every Day

New eLearning Course

Giving Immigrant Children a Voice: Understanding Traumatic Separation Webinar

Focuses on helping providers, current caregivers, and others recognize the effects of Traumatic Separation in immigrant children of different ages, understand immigrant children's prior trauma experiences, and utilize practical suggestions for supporting immigrant children who have been separated from parents and siblings. Presenters: Judy Cohen, MD, Allegheny General Hospital; Stacey Frymier LPCC, LPAT-ATR, IMH-E (IV-C), Las Cumbres Community Services, Inc.; Javier Rosado, PhD, Florida State University College of Medicine; Saida Abdi, LICSW, Boston Children's Hospital Refugee Trauma and Resilience Center.

Family Estrangement Project

A Cornell project is seeking the help of CCE educators in reaching out to community members. Dr. Karl Pillemer, Professor of Human Development at Cornell, is focusing on the issue of family estrangement; that is, situations where one or more family members cut off contact with one another for a period of time. A goal of the project is to create materials to assist family members experiencing this commong problem, as well as for professionals who work with families. They have created a website for the Cornell Family Reconciliation Project to gather people's stories of how they reconciled with their families after an estrangement. People can share their reconciliation stories on the website at https://www.familyreconciliation.org/

Orange County ToT

On August 9th, 2018 Orange County Parenting Coalition had their NYSPEP Community Café Training of Trainers. At the day long training, participants were introduced to the Community Café model and the Five Protective Factors. Resilience was the theme of the café experience. Round table group discussions explored how families in the community show resilience and the importance of building resilience. NYSPEP would like to thank Kara Georgi for facilitating the discussion, as well as the leads of the Orange County Parenting Coalition for their collaboration.

Call for Submissions for the 20th Annual Families & Fathers National Conference

The 20th Annual Families & Fathers National Conference will be held March 4th-7th in Los Angeles, CA. They are currently seeking workshop proposals with a deadline for abstracts of September 30th. The selection criteria will involve relevance to theme, clarity of workshop, significance, and originality. Presenters must send a 150-300 word abstract, including the presenter's affiliation, biography, workshop title, three learning objectives, and email address. For more information or to apply, click here.

NYSPEP E-News, August 2018

NYSPEP Parenting Credential Updates

Credentialed Parenting Educators are invited to volunteer to serve on a Credential Peer Review Panel. Through this opportunity to work together with others to review new applications, you can meet other Credentialed Parenting Educators and learn ways to continue to build your competency as a parenting educator. To learn more about the Peer Review Panel, contact Jennie Knox, the Credential Coordinator at credential@nyspep.org. To serve on a Peer Review Panel, it is important to renew your credential every four years. Jennie can also tell you how to document your professional development activities and apply for renewal.

Are you a Parenting Educator who is considering applying for the NYSPEP Parenting Educator Credential? July was the deadline for new credential applications. The next due date for application is January 31, 2019. Parenting Educators can complete the first step by viewing the Orientation to the NYSPEP Parenting Educator Credential

For more information or to ask questions about the credential, contact the Credential Coordinator at credential@nyspep.org.

2018 Summer Institute Review

The 2018 Annual Member Meeting, or Summer Institute, was held on July 10. The Institute is traditionally an opportunity to promote research-to-practice and emerging issues for a wide audience of parenting educators. This year, NYSPEP invited Dr. Sasha Stok, Senior Research Scientist/Clinical Coordinator for the Safe Mothers, Safe Children Project at NYU, and Dawn Daum, Co-Editor of "Parenting with PTSD: The Impact of Childhood Abuse on Parenting", to present on "Understanding the Impact of ACEs and PTSD on Parenting: Moving from What's Wrong to What Happened?" The full-day meeting was attended by 107 registrants. Each keynote presentation was followed by Community Cafe-style discussions, facilitated by Kara Georgi, to provide participants an opportunity to process what they had heard and to consider how to bring what they had learned throughout the day into their work.

The NYSPEP Steering Committee will use the harvest from the Community Cafe discussions and feedback from the evaluations in their planning for future professional development events.

Summer Institute Resources are available on our website.


NPEN Announces Practically Perfect Parenting Podcast series

The National Parenting Education Network (NPEN) is pleased to announce the Practically Perfect Parenting Podcast series. This ongoing podcast project tackles some of the biggest issues parents face, with humor and wit. Brought to you by The Charles Englehard Foundation, along with NPEN, and hosted by parenting educators John Sommers-Flannagan and Sarah Polanchek, each episode pairs cutting edge research in the field and proven techniques.

Episode topics available to date include:

Why Parents Spank Their Children and Why They Should Stop; How to Listen so Parents will Talk and Talk so Parents will Listen; Technology as a Barrier and a Bridge to Healthy Family Relationships; Why Youth Sports Make Parents Crazy; Youth Sports; How Parents Can Help Children Deal with Grief; Parenting in the Age of Trump and Dealing with other Challenging Role Models; Talking with Children about Life and Death; Teens and Depression; Why Teens Talk Back; Let's Do the Sex Talk Again; Post-Partum Depression -- It's Harder Than You Think; Divorce and Shared Parenting; Love, Sex, Babies and Happiness; The Challenges of Step-Parenting; Sleep Well in 2017 & Beyond; Dear Mom and Dad Please Be My Parent and Not My Bestie; Practically Perfect Positive Discipline, Part 1; Practically Perfect Positive Discipline, Part 2; Get Curious, Not Furious; Discipline Again and Again.

Here is the link to download the episodes for free. Or you can find them for free on iTunes. 

Share them with your clients or use them as professional development opportunities!


Parenting, Anxiety and ACEs

"Parenting with ACEs doesn't always require intense therapy. Sometimes all we need is a conversation, friends and reminders that we will be o.k., if not immediately, then eventually. Those things help us as parents. Helping parents improves parenting." From the ACEs Too High article, "Anxious Parenting: Parenting with ACEs." Follow the link to read more.


Early Intervention Training Opportunity: Resilience, Relationships and Toxic Stress

Learn more about the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and explore strategies for increasing family and individual resilience. In addition, this session will include a screening of RESILIENCE, a one-hour documentary that explains childhood and adult implications of ACEs and the birth of a new movement to treat and prevent toxic stress. Discussion and presentation will follow, focused on making this information actionable.

Outcomes for workshop:

1. Increase knowledge and awareness of social-emotional development.

2. Improve the early identification for children who may be experiencing developmental delays in social-emotional development.

3. Ensure families receive assistance for needed early intervention and preschool services.

4. Become familiar with possible indicators of toxic stress in young children.

5. Understand the importance of relationship building with families.

Follow the links below to register:

August 7th, 12:30-4:30 p.m.

August 14th, 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Presented by The Guidance Center of Westchester, the Westchester Library System, Westchestergov.com, in collaboration with the Westchester County Department of Health Early Intervention Program - Local Early Intervention Coordination Council (LEICC) Services and Training Workgroup.


NYSPEP E-News, July 2018

Internet, Technology and Privacy--Oh My!

In today’s world, everything related to technology is growing at a break-neck pace and it’s all we can do to keep up.  Parents are particularly challenged because they have to protect themselves and their kids.  Fordham Law School’s Center for Law and Information Policy developed a free curriculum program to teach kids the right way to think about technology and approaches for keeping themselves safe online.  You can access the materials here.

Kathy Walter is a recent graduate of Fordham Law and an educator in the technological field.  She taught with the Privacy Educators program while at Fordham Law, has spent her career in technology and now applies those technical and education skills in the legal field.  She has adapted the materials for parents and presented to parent groups, most recently in Harlem, on practical steps parents can use to protect themselves and their kids online, on the phone and in the cloud.  Kathy is available to present to parent groups or on recordings for organizations at no cost.

So whether you develop your own organizational materials for parents and students or would like additional guidance, help is available!  Reach out and learn more about how to protect our communities better today! You can contact Kathy Walter at kathy@nsoma.com.

Online Parenting Curricula Review Databases

Developed by the National Center on Parent, Family and Community Engagement for Head Start programs and community partners, the databases make it easy to find the latest information about research-based parenting curricula. The two databases, one center-based and the other home-based, are organized to align with the Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center checklist for Choosing a Parenting Curriculum for Your Program. Information can be searched by curriculum name, filtered according to criteria from the checklist, or perused by scrolling through the data.



Protecting Brains, Stimulating Minds: The Early Life Roots of Success in School

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a few minutes to watch Jack Shonkoff’s latest video. It reminds us that understanding both the biology of adversity and the science of early learning are essential for building a strong foundation for reducing disparities in educational achievement. The benefits of evidence-based curricula in the early childhood years cannot be fully achieved without effective strategies for preventing the consequences of toxic stress.

NYSPEP E-News, June 2018

Announcing 2018-2019 Community Coalition Award Recipients

NYSPEP announced 2018-2019 Community Award Recipients! We are funding coalitions associated with:

*Kids on Track Steuben

*Tompkins Families!

*Staten Island Perinatal Network

*Orange County Parenting Coalition

These coalitions will work to strengthen community-oriented parenting education and support, engaging parents as well as professionals from multiple disciplines. The overall goal is to provide a concentrated, coordinated effort to strengthen the skills, knowledge and talents of all parents to ensure healthy growth and development for every child in the community.

Note to Coalitions’ Leaders: The NYSPEP Communications Committee is eager to share the work, training and experiences that parents and Parent Educators are a part of in each of the community coalition areas. Please feel free to share your announcements with Abbe Hahn (AHahn@earlycareandlearning.org) or Wales Brown (wales.brown@neparentchild.org), Co-Chairs of the committee, to be posted in our monthly E-News. Items are due by the 15th of the month to be included in the next month’s E-News.

All Readers: As ever, we are always interested in letting our membership know what kinds of Parent Education activities are going on across the State. We encourage everyone across NYS involved in Parenting Education to please share your activities and events for our monthly E-News. As noted above, email information to communication co-chairs Abbe Hahn (AHahn@earlycareandlearning.org) or Wales Brown (wales.brown@neparentchild.org).


News from National Parenting Education Network (NPEN)

The National Parenting Education Network (NPEN) held its annual meeting in Minnesota on April 13th and 14th in conjunction with the Minnesota Association for Family and Early Education (MNAFEE) Conference in St. Cloud. At the conference, NPEN Council members offered presentations on several topics, including a workshop on the introduction and use of NPEN’s upcoming release of a Parenting Educator Competencies: A Resource Document for the Field of Parenting Education. NPEN’s subsequent meeting coincidently coincided with one of the worst snowstorms that Minnesota has seen in years, adding some drama and challenge to the gathering, but despite the difficulties (with the storm bearing down on St. Cloud, a decision was made to move in the middle of the meeting and reassemble in Minneapolis!), the group was able to continue to meet and make decisions on upcoming activities. With a new slate of officers voted in, New York State and NYSPEP are well represented with the election of NYSPEP Certified Parenting Educator Meg Akabas to the position of Chairperson of the Council, NYSPEP Credential Committee Chair Judith Wolf elected as Vice-Chair, and NYSPEP Certified Parenting Educator Wales Brown continuing on as Secretary. 

To find out more about NPEN visit http://npen.org/ To join NPEN and become part of their national network, visit https://npen.org/individual-application/.  If you are interested in joining one of NPEN’s committees (see http://npen.org/about-npen/committees/), contact Meg at makabas@earthlink.net.

NPEN’s Policy & Advocacy welcomes your input on a messaging campaign they are developing. To give your opinion on what messages should be used to promote and normalize parenting education in a national campaign, please compete a quick survey at: https://goo.gl/forms/zrEjAdEI58j3DnDH2  Thank you!


Applications Open for the NYSPEP Parenting Educator Credential

Parenting Educators are invited to apply for the NYSPEP Parenting Educator Credential. The NYSPEP Credential recognizes your professional development and competence and gives you increased visibility in the field of parenting education. The application process involves developing a portfolio to document your knowledge, skills and competencies for work in the field of parenting education. 

The next application deadline is July 31, 2018. Those who are preparing applications will have the opportunity to be partnered with a mentor to help guide you through the application process. You can learn more about the history and content of the NYSPEP Parenting Educator Credential at http://nyspep.org/professionals/credentialing. Click the link at the bottom of that page to view Orientation to NYSPEP Parenting Educator Credential, the first step to beginning an application. Any questions about the NYSPEP Credential and the application process may be directed to the Credential Coordinator at Credential@nyspep.org.


Save the Date for NYSPEP Summer Institute

Understanding the Impact of ACES and PTSD on Parenting: Moving from What’s Wrong? to What Happened? Featuring Sasha Stok, PhD, Senior Research Scientist/Clinical Coordinator for the Safe Mothers, Safe Children Project at NYU and Dawn Daum, Co-Editor, Parenting With PTSD: The Impact of Childhood Abuse on Parenting. The Institute will be held on July 10 from 10:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. at the Carondelet Hospitality Center-Latham, NY. The Institute is presented by New York State Parenting Education Partnership (NYSPEP) in cooperation with NYS Office of Children and Family Services, NYS Office of Mental Health, Children and Family Trust Fund, and Prevent Child Abuse New York. More information coming soon.



The Virtual World of Parent Education Network Island

Wales Brown is a Graduate student in the MA in Adult Learning Program and in his work developing a curriculum project, created a virtual world to transform the ways that Parent Educators participate in professional development using 21st century skills. Currently, training is limited to in-person meetings and webinars providing few opportunities for meaningful dialogue and problem solving.

This pioneering work was designed to advance learning and understanding of the Protective Factors Framework, which is used to strengthen families by increasing resiliency skills and resulting in reducing abuse and neglect of children. The “islands” focus on: Parent & Child Development, Fatherhood & Culture, Parent Education, and Early Attachment. In the virtual world, Parent Educators from any location can join together from their computer and actively construct new ways to use community resources, get information and teach with parents about child development, safety and security.

You can see an introduction to this world at https://youtu.be/T4ozDpUUSp8. You’ll see the Final Project overview video at https://youtu.be/nPMKs8ThI8g.

Using his wide range of experiences and resources, Parent Education Network Island (Kitely.com) was created through a learning experience in the Practicum Virtual Worlds class, and combined with learning in the MALET program. The Island was designed using various styles of buildings to reflect cultural diversity in multiple forms to connect with learners. Based on extensive research, he developed areas to promote social presence and connections using: group presentation areas, private reflective spaces for small gatherings, and meaningful opportunities for learners to have fun while learning.

Empire State College – School of Graduate Studies Student Newsletter, Spring 2018, p.7-8.


NYSPEP Member Receives the Liberty Bell Award

On May 1, 2018 at Schenectady City Hall, Wales Brown received the Liberty Bell Award that is presented annually on Law Day to a “person in the community that is not a lawyer but who has contributed to the judicial system and supported the ideals of freedom, the courts and justice”.  Wales was nominated by a member of the First Reformed Church’s Justice Action Committee and was recognized for his Parent Education work with Fathers and his 30 years of work with families at Northeast Parent & Child Society that are often involved in Family Court.  Standing before immigrants waiting to be sworn in to become Citizens, he said this was a privilege and an honor.  He commended lawyers for their attempts to move the bar on understanding the value of fathers and connection to their children and encouraged Social Services and Parent Educators to continue thinking of new and innovative paradigms for serving fathers.   


NYSPEP E-News, May 2018

Exploring the Impact of Trauma on Parenting

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and other forms of trauma can impact the health and well-being of individuals throughout their lives. Individuals who are exposed to trauma often experience key challenges that affect parenting. This webinar will focus on the impact of ACEs and PTSD on parenting and intervention strategies for positive outcomes. Participants will be exposed to best practices regarding assessment, psychoeducation, and utilizing a strengths-based approach when working with families. This webinar is appropriate for service providers from all adult and child-serving organizations. The webinar will be held on Tuesday May 15 from 12-1 p.m., with Sasha Stok, PhD presenting. Register today!

Now Available: 2018 Prevention Resource Guide (LINKS NO LONGER WORKING)

The 2018 Prevention Resource Guide was designed to support service providers as they work with families to promote child well-being and prevent child maltreatment. It focuses on protective factors that build on family strengths to foster healthy child and youth development.  This Resource Guide is a joint product of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Children’s Bureau, its Child Welfare Information Gateway, and the FRIENDS National Center for Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention.


Download or order your free copy of the 2018 Prevention Resource Guide today!

The guide gives service providers strategies to strengthen families by promoting key protective factors that prevent child abuse and neglect. Here’s what’s new in the 2018 Resource Guide:

· Chapter 1: Strengthening Individuals, Families, and Communities—Capacity Building Center for States’ Protective Capacities and Protective Factors: Common Ground for Protecting Children and Strengthening Families infographic

· Chapter 2: Working With Families Using the Protective Factors—Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention (CBCAP) State Examples of Working With Families Using Protective Factors

· Chapter 4: Protecting Children—Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Community Examples

· Updated child maltreatment statistics

The guide also includes dozens of tip sheets—available in English and Spanish—you can share with parents and caregivers, including Finding Housing Help for Your Family and Preparing Your Family for an Emergency (available online only). 

Resources for Providers

You can find summaries and links to many useful online resources for providers of parenting education on NYSPEP’s website at http://nyspep.org/resources/providers. Just a few examples:

Boston Basics Campaign and Toolkit: Everyday interactions between children, their parents, and other caregivers provide abundant opportunities to give children from every background a more equal start in life. The Basics are five evidence-based parenting and caregiving principles that encompass much of what experts find is important for children from birth to age three.

A Compendium of Parenting Interventions for Families with Children to Age 5 provides a summary and comparison of parenting interventions, to inform your choice about the right intervention for your program, school, community, or state, and the families with whom you work. It also gives a brief overview of the research on parenting interventions, including their potential benefits, important gaps in our current knowledge, and ongoing research and implementation challenges.

Strengthening Families Online Training is provided by the National Alliance of Children’s Trust and Prevention Funds (Alliance), which makes available a series of online training courses to support implementation of the Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors Framework in multiple settings. The curriculum includes new materials on partnering with parents and addresses promising strategies to strengthen families for practitioners in multiple settings.

ZERO TO THREE Fellowship is Accepting Applications: Deadline Soon!

Are you a champion for babies?

Do you aspire to be an innovative, transformative leader?

Do you have an aspirational vision that can change the world for infants and toddlers?

Join more than 300 alumni around the world who have used the ZERO TO THREE Fellowship as a spring board to advance systems and policy change for infants and toddlers. With our extensive network of diverse expert leaders and robust professional development opportunitiesinfused with your unique skills and passion for changeour impact is infinite!!

SPREAD THE WORD: The ZERO TO THREE Fellowship is accepting applications for the 2018-2020 Fellowship Class through Monday, May 14, 2018 at 3 p.m. (ET).

Tools to Support Family Engagement

The Community Technical Assistance Center (CTAC) is committed to developing evidence-informed, user-friendly tools to strengthen service delivery for all behavioral health providers and consumers. CTAC is proud to announce the creation of new practice-based educational resources focused on Family Engagement strategies for providers, clients, and caregivers and families to use. Resources include Key Messages to Communicate in Services; Family Alignment: The First 30 Days Checklist; Session Feedback Form for Individual and Family Sessions; and Caregiver's Guides in Children and Trauma, Childhood Anxiety, Childhood Depression, and Conduct Disorders. Learn more by visiting the Tools Page of CTAC's website or contact them at ctac.info@nyu.edu.


NYSPEP Member Published in JAMA Pediatrics

Our own Meg Akabas and Eve Sullivan have a letter to the editor of JAMA Pediatrics appearing online and in the April 2018 print edition. Yeah and hooray!!

In addition to  the often heard suggestion that parenting education should be required just as drivers education, they suggest that parenting education be considered "akin to car insurance, something all parents need to renew regularly as their children experience normal developmental transitions."

The article they comment on is "Health Care Workforce Development to Enhance Mental and Behavioral Health of Children and Youth."  Along with Meg's letter, this is valuable acknowledgment of the importance of education and support for parents.

Please feel free to share this link widely.


NYSPEP E-News, April 2018

NYSPEP Parenting Educator Credential Update

The NYSPEP Credential Webpage has been updated with information about the rationale and history of the credential and newly revised application fees and procedures.   Orientation to the NYSPEP Credential, the overview and introduction to the credential application process, is now available on the website.  This presentation replaces the Orientation Webinars that had been required in the past.  Interested applicants can visit http://nyspep.org/professionals/credentialing and select Orientation to NYSPEP Parenting Educator Credential to view the presentation.   For more information about the NYSPEP Parenting Educator Credential, contact Credential@nyspep.org.

ACEs Symposium Scheduled for May--Details Available Here


Resilience Screenings Scheduled Through Westchester Library System

How do adverse childhood events affect the mental and physical health of children? How might these events have affected you? How can we use this information to improve our community?

Join a screening and discussion of RESILIENCE, a one-hour documentary that delves into the science of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the birth of a new movement to treat and prevent toxic stress.

Yonkers Riverfront Public Library (1 Larkin Center, Yonkers) April 18, 6:30pm

New Rochelle Public Library (1 Library Plaza, New Rochelle) April 26, 6:30pm (screening only), April 27, 4:00pm

Ossining Public Library (53 Croton Ave, Ossining) May 8, 6:30pm

National Family Support Network Forum

How can we collectively support the advancement of our nation's families? How can Family Support and Strengthening Networks be effective vehicles for doing so?How can your work connect with, leverage, and support Family Support and Strengthening Programs and Networks?

The National Family Support Network Forum welcomes you to join us for this unique opportunity to learn about and connect with Family Support and Strengthening Networks nationwide - all in one place. These Networks are comprised of more than 3,000 Family Support and Strengthening organizations, such as Family Resource Centers, working with families across the great geographical and demographic diversity of the United States.

The Forum is designed for key stakeholders working at the systems and policy levels such as national, state, and local policymakers, public departments, Children's Trust Fund staff, private funders, Family Support and Strengthening Network leaders and representatives, and national nonprofit organizations (up to 3 participants per organization).

NEW Safe Baby Products Guide

We are pleased to announce The Safe Baby Products Guide, a new FREE online tool to help parents, families and friends keep children safe from harmful chemicals in baby products. The guide is produced by the national Getting Ready for Baby Coalition, a nonprofit coalition of 100 organizations coordinated by Clean and Healthy New York working to change the marketplace so all babies have healthy environments with products that nurture their growth without harming their health.

As you may already know, there are currently over 1,000 chemicals in use today that can negatively impact a child’s health and development.Many of them are in products for even the youngest babies. Unfortunately, many parents aren’t aware of these dangers or how to find safer alternatives. Parents should have access to free and easily accessible resources that help them better understand these safer products for their babies.

That’s where this new Guide comes in. Designed to let you either zero in on a specific kind of product or work through the whole Guide so you can create a baby shower registry, the Safe Baby Products Guide offers information about potential chemicals of concern (“hidden hazards”) in products and what to look for when shopping. Getting Ready for Baby partner MADE SAFE offers a certification program for products and companies that meet their criteria, and the Guide lists MADE SAFE certified products. The interactive tool even includes a feature that will allows you to build an online registry, which can be valuable to expecting parents seeking certified safe products as baby shower gifts.

Are you, or a friend or loved one expecting a new baby? Use the Safe Baby Products Guide as an effective tool to identify safer choices. Please spread the word to friends and family!

NEW BOOK: The Emotional Life of the Toddler

Alicia F. Lieberman is the author of The Emotional Life of the Toddler, a detailed look into the varied and intense emotional life of children aged one to three. Anyone who has followed an active toddler around for a day knows that a child of this age is a whirlwind of explosive, contradictory, and ever-changing emotions. Dr. Lieberman offers an in-depth examination of toddlers’ emotional development, and illuminates how to help toddlers can develop into emotionally healthy children and adults. Hailed as “groundbreaking” by The Boston Globe on its initial publication in 1993, the new edition includes the latest research on this crucial stage of development.


NYSPEP Member Receives Student Service Award

Wales Brown, C.F.L.E. & C.S.P.E. was selected as one of this year's Student Service Award recipients from SUNY Empire State College. The award honors students who show exceptional service to their college communities. Wales' application focused on his work developing a parenting program (the Nurturing Fathers Program) in Schenectady, NY. The program was developed collaboratively with the Community Fathers Program to provide outcomes of fathering education to communicate benefits of fathering work to funders. Most importantly for Wales, the class met a social justice need in his community for fathers to get parenting education that was required by courts, parole, and probation, but did not exist in the community. Throughout the last 2.5 years Wales worked with the Nurturing Fathers Program founder Mark Perlman and has become a Master Trainer in the curriculum and can now certify other trainers in the curriculum. Wales was also recognized for his service to the college as a Leadership Development Initiative Inaugural Class participant, Executive Board member of the Graduate Student Collaborative Club, the Education for All club, participating in the interview process for the college Chief Diversity Officer, and other college service project work.


NYSPEP E-News, March 2018

Seeking Nominations for 2018 NYS What's Great in Our State

As part of the 2018 New York State What's Great in Our State (WGiOS) celebration on Tuesday, May 8, 2018 (1:30P-4:30P), the planning committee for the Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day event is seeking nominations to honor an individual, program, school, or organization within New York State that is making a difference in the field of children and youth mental wellness, specifically in areas impacting resilience, wellness, advocacy, treatment, or prevention.

We are asking for your support in sharing the cover letter and nomination form (attached) with the New York State Parenting Education Partnership listserv.

Our theme this year is: “Healthy Minds, Healthy Children and Youth.” We are looking to recognize individuals, programs, organizations or schools whose work illustrates some of the following characteristics:

·       Improved services in their community.

·       Targeted underserved populations for outreach and services.

·       Utilized new or innovative strategies.

·       Been a great resource to the community.

·       Impacted the community’s sense of Mental Wellness and resilience.

·       Has attempted to evaluate or measure the impact of their work.

·       Has established or worked with community partners as part of their work.

For more information or to receive a nomination form, please contact Susan Perkins at susan.perkins@ccf.ny.govNominations are requested by Monday, March 26, 2018, to susan.perkins@ccf.ny.gov

Website Now Available for Effective Black Parenting Program

In the late 1970s, the non-profit Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (CICC) created, and began training instructors to deliver, what has become the most widely used parenting program for African Americans, the Effective Black Parenting Program. Over a million African American parents have already been helped in raising happy, healthy and successful children, because they have enrolled in classes that teach the values, ideas and techniques of this national model program.

Now, for the first time, there is a website that is devoted totally to that program and it's many benefits to parents and children. The new website is www.africanamericanparenting.org .

The website details how and why the program was created and indicates all the African American parenting authorities who were involved in its creation.

The website presents never-before available research findings that led to including in the program:

1.    How parents can build a Pyramid of Success for Black Children by modeling and reinforcing positive character traits.

2.    How parents can learn and use Effective Praising, and other techniques of the Modern Black Self-Discipline Approach, to gain the cooperation and respect of their children. This modern approach provides a non-violent alternative to the Traditional Black Discipline Approach where physical punishment is used primarily.

3.    How parents can learn and connect the positive parenting techniques and ideas of the program to relevant African Proverbs such as "When the heart overflows, it comes out through the mouth" and "A shepherd does not strike his sheep".

The website further provides research findings on how the program improves child-parent relations and decreases child behavior problems. How to bring the program to a community is done by having more instructors trained through professionally-led workshops.

As Dr. Kerby Alvy, the founder and director of the 43-year-old CICC, states, "The existence and use of the Effective Black Parenting Program clearly shows that 'Black Lives Matter'. And further shows that Black parents care enough to learn how to do the best job possible in raising their children."

The next workshop to train instructors is scheduled for the week of March 5-9, 2018 in Merced, CA. For Information about this workshop, Click HERE

Registration Open for the 4th Annual New York Fathering Conference

The 4th Annual New York Fathering Conference -- Learn Everywhere, Every Day -- spotlights the importance of life long learning  for fathers and their families. Speakers and workshops focus on both formal and informal educational settings as well as strategies to enrich, encourage and support opportunities for dads and children to explore the world together. Shawn Dove, CEO of the Campaign for Black Male Achievement, will be the Featured Speaker. And Wales Brown will be presenting a workshop entitled Fathers and Fathering: Portrayal’s in Selected Children’s Picture BooksNortheast Parent & Child Society/Fathers Care Workshop.

The conference will be held on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM (EDT) at Westchester County Center198 Central Avenue, White Plains, NY 10606.

Click here for more information or to register.

New Resources for Military Families from Sesame Street

Sesame Street for Military Families has released new content! Visit this link to find interactive games, videos, and printable activities for military families to do with their preschool children. Topics include staying healthy together, creating fun and meaningful birthday traditions, encouraging children's self-expression, making changes more comfortable, and so much more!

NYSPEP E-News, February 2018


The New York State Parenting Education Partnership is pleased to announce that we areaccepting applications from local coalitions to strengthen community-oriented parenting education and support by engaging parents as well as professionals from multiple disciplines.

You can join this effort!

We are looking for coalitions in communities that demonstrate that they have the leadership,commitment and determination to mobilize a broad movement to strengthen and support allparents’ skills, knowledge, and talents. Four coalition sites will be selected. Each of the selected coalitions will receive a $5,000 grant to support community identified objectives as well as training and technical assistance to guide their work in strengthening parent education in their communities.

RFA Detailed Information for the Community Coalitions Project 2018


2016-2017 Parenting Education Reports available on the Parenting In Context website

The 2016-2017 Parent Education Reports are available on the Parenting In Context website. Each year we create reports using the CCE parent education data entered into a Statewide Data Reporting System. These reports document statistically significant changes in parenting behavior from pre- and post-survey. Reports are produced at the statewide level, as well as any county and program reports with two or more statistically significant changes in parenting behavior. This year's Statewide Report can be found here.

This year's County reports for Jefferson, Ontario, Orange, Suffolk, and Tompkins county can be found here.

This year's Program Reports for Discipline is Not a Dirty Word, Parenting Skills Workshop Series Program, and Parents Apart can be found here.

If you have any questions about the reports or the data, please contact Julia Chapman at jc2933@cornell.edu.

Tickets Available for Annual Levenback Memorial Event (February 14th)

Each year the New York Zero-to-Three Network (NYZTT) honors a local pioneer who has made a difference for young children and their families in New York at the Annual Levenback Memorial Event. NYZTT has selected Dr. Irwin Redlener, President Emeritus and Co-Founder of the Children's Health Fund, as this year's honoree for his lifetime of work on behalf of children.

Dr. Redlener will speak about poverty and its consequences that are keeping so many children from realizing their dreams and fulfilling their potential. He will consider why this matters for our collective future and what we can do now.

Dr. Redlener's talk will be followed by a panel discussion focusing on recent opportunities and threats to providing high-quality health care to young children living in poverty and will address policy recommendations and legislative advocacy efforts that can be taken to help ensure the healthy development of young children in poverty.

The event will be held on Wednesday, February 14 from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at UJA, 130 E. 59th St., New York, NY 10022.

Click here to register.

Thank You from the Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee would like to say thanks to all who helped us make our five Strong Roots events in 2017 successful. The topic of Cultural Humility through the Lens of Protective Factors was well received. We were also able to support five webinars and had the first NYSPEP webinar presented completely in Spanish this year! Special shout out to Nelly Garcia from The Guidance Center of Westchester for doing the Spanish translation of our Strong Roots webinar and presenting it as a webinar.

Infant-Early Childhood Mental Health Concerns Webinar Alert (February 16th)

In order to understand and treat the developmental, behavioral, and relationship needs of the child, clinicians and providers must focus on the parent-child relationship. Early childhood mental health intervention requires working with parents and young children together in a way that helps attend the needs of both--together and separately.

Research from early brain development, attachment, and childhood trauma supports the need for clinicians to develop areas of expertise to ensure those working with young children and their families are well-trained to promote optimal mental health and address behavioral health concerns. 

This webinar will focus on skills and competencies providers need when working with parents and young children and strategies for supporting social-emotional development. Attendees will be introduced to the NYS-AIMH Endorsement, a credentialing system that supports and recognizes professionals who apply infant and early childhood mental health principles to their practice. Endorsement is not a license but an overlay that complements one's professional license and/or other credentials.

Click here to register.



Working with Immigrant and Refugee Communities to Support Strong, Healthy Families

Presentation PowerPoint: 2017 MM Presentation PowerPoint.pdf

Resource List: 2017 Member Meeting-Resource List .docx

Case Reference: 2017 Member Meeting-Trump v HI, APSAC amicus, final.pdf

Case Reference: 2017 Member Meeting-9th Cir Op.pdf

Additional Video Resource: "Better Safe Than Sorry" ("Mas Vale Prevenir Que Lamentar"): http://ap-od.org/resources?s=immigration 


Community Technical Assistance Center of New York (CTAC) - Immigration & Trauma: Before, During & After - http://ctacny.org/training/immigration-trauma-during-after  and in Spanish, Inmigración y Trauma: Antes, Durante y Después http://calendar.ctacny.org/event/?id=398

National Child Traumatic Stress Network - Celebrating World Refugee Day: Understanding Refugee Experiences and Improving Services

Toolkit from Sesame Street Communities:

“Care, Cope, Connect Comforting and Supporting Kids During Community Stress ”  is a  new workshop for from Sesame Street in Communities. This workshop is designed to be used with families in 3 workshops. It includes a 10 page downloadable guide for use with families which includes “more than 20 ways to help kids feel safe and secure and self-care tips for parents and caregivers”.