NYSPEP'S mission is to promote and improve parenting education, in order to enhance parenting skills, knowledge and behavior.




Save the Date: NYSPEP Training Institute on October 20th

The New York State Parenting Education Partnership is excited to announce our Training Institute. Please mark your calendars for October 20th, 2020. The registration information for this virtual training institute can be found HERE.

The topic is Storytelling: A Tool for Resilience. The morning session will feature a keynote with Eva Tenuto, Executive Director of the TMI Project. The goal for this session is to increase understanding of the use of storytelling to support resilience and healing. The afternoon session will focus on group discussions and identifying next steps for incorporating Storytelling in your work. 

The NYSPEP Training Institute will support development in the following NYSPEP Parenting Educator Credential competencies:

Competency Area 5: Parent Development and Family Systems

Competency Area 9: Strengths-based communication

Competency Area 11: Working with Diversity 

October is DV Awareness Month 

 October is DV Awareness Month so we’d like to share some activities you can engage in at work or through social media. Here are some campaigns you can support and participate in.


· #1Thing – Encourage staff to share #1Thing they are doing or will do to help eradicate domestic violence in both your workplace and in the community. For staff working in the office, create a visible space for staff to share their own #1Thing. Send photos to all staff and encourage staff working remotely to send you their ideas. Though #1Thing might seem insignificant, collectively, we can create true change while creating a supportive space for victimized employees that lets them know their coworkers stand with them against domestic violence.  

· #ListeningFromHome Listen and look for signs of abuse when speaking with family, friends, and coworkers. Reach out to those you might be concerned about. If possible, set up check-ins by video. Share the NY State Hotline and community resources on social media. For more information, visit: https://nomore.org/campaigns/dvam/  (there’s some great social media items on this website – and Spanish.  Also the OPDV website also includes posters in many languages. 

· #NYGoesPurple4DV-Turn your agencies and offices purple and use this hashtag on all of your DVAM posts to join with us to show all survivors in NYS that we stand with them.

Be sure to follow OPDV on social media and visit www.opdv.ny.gov for the latest New York State DVAM plans! You can read the latest bulletin here

OCFS-Funded Prevention Programs Continue to Provide Support to Families During Pandemic

Community-Based Prevention Programs continue to creatively provide vital services to families safely while navigating the Covid-19 pandemic. Community-Based Prevention Programs and Healthy Families New York programs rapidly adapted their services to meet families’ needs during this critical time. In June alone, these programs made over 7,900 service provisions to families across the state. Services include home visits and parenting education done by phone or video, and connections to food and concrete supports. 

The following reports highlight the great work OCFS-funded prevention programs have accomplished April – June.




These reports are created by OCFS researchers. Additional reports will be posted as they become available.

Social Media--A Tool to Reach and Support Parents

School looks very different this year. Families are trying to be resourceful, and one place they are turning is social media. Parenting educators across the state can look for these groups in their communities and be there to offer resources, support, and information. Check and see if there are some you can find or ask your local school districts for any they may have made. This would be a great way to build connections and supports during this unique and challenging time.