"Starting Life Together" is specifically designed to help parents:

Gain knowledge of their child's developmental behaviors

Promote evidence-based parenting behaviors

Build parenting skills

Promote parent reflection

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Updated 09/14/16

New Parent Kit Background

NYSPEP recognizes that all parents need access to comprehensive and consistent parenting information. Too often parents receive information from multiple brochures, pamphlets, and videos that is confusing and often contradictory. The New Parent Guide website is designed to meet the need for parents to have access to reliable information on parenting, child development and family support resources.

New Parent and Baby

New Parent Resource

New Parent Resource provides parents with easy-to-use materials and tools to help parents support their child's physical, social, and emotional health right from the start. Delivering information in a comprehensive package helps parents use and understand the information.

An evaluation of a similar parent resource developed by California First Five Initiative showed that parents' use of the resource resulted in significant increases in knowledge of child development, nutrition, and health care options. Positive parenting behaviors, such as reading to infants and increased child safety practices, also significantly improved.