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These are unprecedented times for all of us--especially New York's children and their families.

Families who were already struggling to make ends meet before the national emergency are being pushed closer to the edge by having their work schedules disrupted and children sent home from school. The already existing issues of a lack of available and affordable child care, lack of affordable and accessible health insurance, and the hit to the economy that will see many losing their jobs, are just compounding things. And all of that adds up to a whole lot of stress--stress that cuts across almost all barriers and can create increasingly tense situations for households all across New York State.

The good news is that there are things we can do--to help our own families and to help others, without breaking health department recommendations and guidelines. And there are lots of resources to help you whether you're a professional working to support families and/or you're supporting your own family.

Please check the COVID 19 Resource List provided by Prevent Child Abuse New York. This list is updated regularly.


Most families will experience a crisis (i.e. illness, loss, natural disaster). Sometimes the crisis involves the family and other times it involves the entire community. Crisis impacts families in many different ways. This webinar will provide families with the knowledge and tools to promote whole family wellness during a time of crisis: recognition of stress indicators, the development of coping strategies and positive communication.

The webinar recording is available at: https://www.mentalhealthednys.org/family-education-webinar-series/


April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, normally highlighted by gatherings of people all over NYS, planting pinwheel gardens and raising awareness about the ways that protective factors can build resilience and strengthen children, families, and whole communities. And even though people will not be able to gather in person during April, the need to shine a light on child abuse and the prevention of it is greater than ever. The stress brought on by the current COVID 19 crisis increases the likelihood that cases of abuse will also increase. Now more than ever, we need to shine a light on the ways people can support and nurture families and relieve the stress we all are feeling with small, simple gestures of kindness.

We're hoping you will join us--professionals, offices, families, individuals, friends and furry friends all across the state--and #goblue4nykids

What does that mean?

1. Take a picture or a selfie of you and your crew in blue and post it to your social media accounts with the hash tag #goblue4nykids and make sure to tag us (our handles are listed below).

Facebook:  @preventchildabuseny                          Twitter:  @PCA_NY                                   Instagram: preventchildabuseny   

2. You can also make blue pinwheels and post them in your window and tag us in those pics too. Let's add a wave of blue pinwheels to all of the rainbows and double the positivity going around (and the chances for kids to hunt for more fun and colorful things!)

3. Post a sentence that you wish all children could hear right now. How would you support them? What do you think they need to hear? Then share that to any of our social media by tagging us in your post, using the handles above.

Not on social media? Email your pics, sentences, pinwheels, and words of wisdom to wbrandow@preventchildabuseny.org and we will get them posted. 

Let's flood social media with BLUE to support New York's kids and families! #goblue4nykids