NYSPEP'S mission is to promote and improve parenting education, in order to enhance parenting skills, knowledge and behavior.





Monday, January 25th from 11:00 am - 1:30 pm

Working with and supporting parents requires specific competencies, skill sets, and the ability to build relationships. Evidence-based programs or curricula are only as effective as the people delivering them. How do we assure the statewide quality of the workforce in the field? What unifying standard can be applied for those working with parents who come from varied professions and educational backgrounds?

This Summit is free and open to all who work in the parenting space in any capacity — parenting educators, parenting coaches, home visitors, doulas, child birth educators, Head Start staff, childcare workers, teachers, pediatricians, nurses, and supervisors and administrators of any program that serves parents. 

Come and be part of the discussion and action plan!

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The New York State Parenting Education Partnership (NYSPEP) is a statewide cross- systems initiative designed to ensure all children grow up in nurturing families, by enhancing parents’* knowledge, skills and behavior. NYSPEP informs and supports close to 1,500 practitioners, program managers, researchers and policymakers to promote, provide and improve evidence-based parenting education. 

Parenting education is a core component of a comprehensive strategy to strengthen family and community approaches to healthy child development and help prevent child abuse and neglect. When the rate of indicated reports of child abuse is as high as 47/1000 for children ages 0-17 years in some counties in NYS 1, the capacity of families to raise healthy children and the cost to the larger community must be considered a public health issue. Effective parenting education programs have been linked with better physical, cognitive and emotional development in children; increased parental knowledge of child development and parenting skills; improved parent-child communication; more effective
parental monitoring and discipline; reduced youth substance abuse; and decreased rates of child abuse and neglect.

Additionally, according to a recent study published in Pediatrics Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the hardships that families have experienced related to the COVID-19 pandemic have negatively affected both parents’ and children’s mental health. The need to address the well-being of children and their families has never been greater.
NYSPEP provides support through enhancing access to quality parenting education.

(*NYSPEP defines parents as adults who are the primary custodial caregiver of children.)

You can join this effort!

NYSPEP is accepting applications from local coalitions to strengthen community-based parenting education while engaging parents as well as professionals from multiple disciplines. We are looking for community coalitions that demonstrate leadership, commitment and determination to mobilize a broad movement to strengthen and support
all parents’ skills, knowledge, and talents. Up to four coalition sites will be selected to receive a 1-year award to receive training, technical assistance and a $5000 grant to support community identified objectives.

Community Coalition Project Goals:

1. Develop a concentrated, coordinated effort across New York State to strengthen the knowledge, skills and talents of all parents, to support healthy child development and reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect.
2. Raise community commitment to promote safe, nurturing relationships and environments for all children and families.
3. Establish community norms that support universal and quality parenting education.
4. Support Parenting Educators to develop skills and strategies to provide effective, evidence-based programming.
5. Engage families as the foundation for community coalition efforts to identify parenting education that addresses their needs.

Eligible Applicants

Community coalitions that are working to enhance parenting skills and practice and are exploring or using the Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors Framework are encouraged to apply. NYSPEP is interested in coalitions that are multi-disciplinary and include parents and/or family representation. It is expected that Parenting Educators
and at least two parents will be involved in the coalition.

The lead applicant must be a Not-for-Profit organization. The coalition can include a wide range of partners, such as, but not limited to: Community Action Agencies, Child Care Resource & Referral agencies and child care providers, libraries, school districts, Cornell Cooperative Extension Associations, health providers, county level services, and representatives from faith-based organizations. Applicants are encouraged to use strength-based approaches that focus on promotion and prevention services which strengthen families, rather than on crisis intervention and treatment services.

Selection Criteria:

NYSPEP is seeking community coalition applicants that exhibit the following:

· A commitment to quality parenting education as demonstrated by:

· Enhancing the social-emotional development of children and families and the primary prevention of child abuse.

· Implementing a strategy consistent with the Protective Factors Framework to promote public understanding and professional development.

· Improving and strengthening opportunities for parenting education (these efforts may address ages birth to 17 years).

· Using proven strategies that identify and integrate existing resources to strengthen the skills, knowledge and talents of all parents.

· Promoting community’s readiness to support families (building coalitions for safe, stable, nurturing communities).

· Evidence of commitment to community-based initiatives that are inclusive and represent the population being served. Coalitions must identify their partners, describe their history of working together as a coalition, their efforts to engage multiple community partners and the use of “shared decision making” (meaning a process of partnership of shared views and actions towards shared goals).

· Efforts to and/or success in the support of family involvement as the foundation for quality parent education by incorporating parent voice in education, health, and social systems. Coalitions must identify at least two parents (in parent role) who will be included as engaged members of the collaboration.

· Commitment to the professional development of parenting educators as demonstrated by support of training for parenting educators, use of credentialed parenting educators, use of evidenced-based and/or research informed parenting education models and practices, and involvement of parenting educators as active members of the coalition.

· Priority will be given to regions of NY not previously funded.


Grant activities are intended to support and extend NYSPEP’s goals across the state. To that end, each selected Coalition is expected to meet the following deliverables:

I. Professional development – Host a Protective Factors Framework overview, offer a regional Strong Roots one-day workshop and attend the Annual Training Institute

· Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors Framework: The five protective factors at the foundation of Strengthening Families are characteristics that have been shown to make positive outcomes more likely for young children and their families, and to reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect. NYSPEP will provide an overview of the Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors Framework to community coalitions members through a two- hour orientation to the Framework.

· Strong Roots training day: This one-day training event should emphasize a topic to strengthen parenting educators’ practice and offer a range of evidence-based parenting approaches. This event should align with the Parenting Educator Credential competencies and will be planned with support from the NYSPEP.

· Annual Training Institute: Designed to promote research-to-practice and emerging issues for parenting education practitioners, this one-day event is organized by the NYSPEP leadership with input from the leads of the community coalitions to engage parenting educators, parent partners, and leaders of parent organizations. At least one member of the coalition is required to attend the training institute.

II. Parent-partner leadership and community development –conduct/provide Community Café training and assistance; support parent involvement in coalition meetings and trainings with mileage reimbursement and stipends/incentives for families to attend meetings. Please refer to the following CSSP report here for ideas on parent

• Community Cafés: The Café process begins with a one-day Orientation session held for parents and community-based organization staff to prepare them to implement the model;

• Community coalition staff will partner with parent leaders to organize Café Conversations (at least 5 in the same community) for parents and other community leaders to discuss shared concerns. This series of guided conversations will be based on the Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors Framework;

• Reports of the meetings, known as “harvests,” will inform community responsiveness and be shared with NYSPEP to influence state led initiatives.

• Support parent participation: NYSPEP encourages parent engagement in Community Coalition meetings and in Community Café training. To support parent engagement, NYSPEP allocates funds for parents to alleviate the costs
of travel and child care. NYSPEP encourages parents to attend Community Café certification opportunities.

III. Administrative activities - project oversight to strengthen the quality of parenting education with significant input from family and community partners. Administration will contribute by providing leadership in gathering and organizing data about the parent education system; being responsible for grant reporting and fund management to NYSPEP and agree to share NYSPEP resources and training opportunities. Activities include:

a. Develop an action plan for the implementation of grant activities and use of funds.

b. Maintain updated environmental scan of parenting education programs.

c. Participate in monthly one hour learning collaborative conference call with other Community Coalition communities.

d. Submit mid-year summary progress, year-end summary reports and financial summary.

e. Assume fiscal responsibility for grant funds and support for parent participation in related activities.

f. Provide Inventory for 10 families utilizing the Protective Factors Family Assessment Tool.

g. Share NYSPEP materials and messages regarding Professional Development webinar opportunities, ENews, etc., with community network.

h. Select and support representatives, including parents and parenting educators, from the coalition to attend NYSPEP’s annual Training Institute

i. Contribute to the monthly learning collaboratives.

j. Provide reports on the work including:

· A proposed action plan developed as a coalition document within the first two months of the project consistent with the goals in the proposal.

· Submit a mid-year and end of year progress report. Specific dates and format will be provided by NYSPEP staff.

Grant Awards:

Each selected Community Coalition will be awarded a grant of $5,000. This grant is intended to support the deliverables listed above and to increase parenting education opportunities for parents in high need areas. Parents are expected to be included in designing these community-based programs that offer high quality, responsive parenting education, address barriers to parenting education (such as implicit bias, and quality child care, accessible locations and times) and support the Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors Framework. Allowable expenses are detailed below.

Proposed budgets will be reviewed by NYSPEP.

Allowable expenses:

a. Initiatives that increase access to parenting education.

b. Funding may be used to support the one-day Strong Roots event: rent for space, materials, honoraria, travel for speakers.

c. Funding may be used to support hosting Community Cafes, including needed supplies and materials.

d. Up to fifteen percent of funds (or $750) may be used to offset administrative activities.

NYSPEP Partnership Activities

In addition to the outlined deliverables, NYSPEP requests that each Community Coalition participate in and promote the following NYSPEP activities:

• Professional Development Webinars: These training opportunities offered by NYSPEP build on the theme of the Strong Roots events and will be based on evidence from research and consistent with the NYS Parenting Educator
Credential. The topics will be guided by input from parent and community coalitions and from information gathered during Community Cafés (described below).

• NYSPEP Parenting Educator Credential: The work to strengthen and promote the NYSPEP Parenting Educator Credential will remain the responsibility of the NYSPEP Credential Work Group and the NYSPEP Leadership. Community Coalitions will disseminate information about the Parenting Educator Credential and encourage parenting educators to seek the

• NYSPEP.org website and monthly eNews: NYSPEP promotes best practices and programs and provides current resource information for parent educators and other service providers through the NYSPEP website, that includes an event calendar, and publication of the monthly NYSPEP eNews. These features make communication with parenting educators easier to maintain and promote. Community Coalitions are encouraged to contribute to and disseminate the eNews to their partners and mailing lists.

• Searchable database for parenting support services: This resource of over 4500 programs is searchable by county location, type of parenting education/support sought. Representative parents from the selected community

• Coalitions will be invited to advise on the usefulness of this database and steps to improve it. Coalitions will contribute community specific resources, including current parenting education opportunities, to the searchable database on the
NYSPEP website and will promote the use of the database in their communities;

• Promote quality parenting education resources:

§ Disseminate The New Parent Guide: Starting Life Together, and the companion website www.nysparentguide.org. Both resources for expectant and new parents, will be promoted and distributed to the Community Team.

§ Disseminate other materials and messages from NYSPEP and NYSPEP website.

Application Deadline: January 22, 2021
Grant Announcement: February 8, 2021

How to submit the application:

The New York State Parenting Education Partnership Application is available at:

If you are unable to access this form, please contact Tamaé Memole at tmemole@preventchildabuseny.org


JANUARY 22, 2021; 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Mixed messages about digital media use come at us from all directions. We hear warnings about screen time negatively affecting children’s cognitive and language development, but we also learn of innovative educational and psychological apps that enhance development. We are advised against sharing our children’s images on Facebook and Instagram, and yet we rely on social media to stay connected with loved ones. Children are inevitably exposed to various types of digital media. How do we, as parents and professionals, appropriately and effectively manage their (and our own) use of technology? 

This conference will explore how digital media impacts young children, parents, and family relationships – especially in the time of COVID-19 with the increased stress on families. Our presenters will demystify the content of this technology and how its mobility and interactivity influence the relationships we have with our devices. They will also explain how they shape children’s development and family interactions. Presenters will provide opportunities to reflect on digital media and what is needed to be an informed consumer. They will also provide guidance for parents and professionals on how to benefit from digital media. 

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