NYSPEP'S mission is to promote and improve parenting education, in order to enhance parenting skills, knowledge and behavior.

NYSPEP E-News Latest Edition (September 2018)


Articles: Revealing the Lives of Black Fathers (The New York Times)

"When Robyn Price Pierre walked down the street with her husband and newborn baby, she often noticed the curious stares and smiles her spouse received from strangers as he pushed his daughter's stroller. She soon realized why: It was the surprise of passers-by encountering a scene that's mostly invisible in mainstream culture--a black man as a devoted parent.

This realization inspired Ms. Price Pierre, creative director of the publisher Twenty Eight Ink, to explore black fatherhood in depth and has resulted in her book 'Fathers,' which uses personal photos to depict the relationship between fathers and children. The first in a series of photo books about fatherhood to be edited by Ms. Price Pierre, 'Fathers' serves as an important corrective, challenging a dominant culture that tends to disparage, discredit, or underestimate black men."

To learn more about how this book came into being and what it hopes to accomplish, read the rest of the article here.


NYSPEP Member Spotlight: Wales Brown

Wales Brown, a member of NYSPEP's Steering Committee has been selected to present at this year's conference of the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), after rigorous peer review. At the conference, for tech-mediated learning projects from around the world and across many industries, Wales will present on his thesis topic, Using Mutual User Virtual Environments for Professional Development of Parent Educators. The conference work is published through the AACE database that is available through the Empire State College library and thousands of other participating university libraries. 

For more information about the Virtual Environments for Professional Development contact Wales at Wales.Brown@neparentchild.org.



You Asked, We Listened

At the recent NYSPEP Summer Institute, attendees asked for further information about several topics including Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), responding to trauma, parenting and PTSD. Through the E-News, NYSPEP will be responding to those requests and highlighting resources that address these topics. 

Attachment Vitamins: Interactive Course on Early Childhood Attachment, Stress, and Trauma.

This online course is an interactive, self-paced, e-learning course for those adults who often find themselves in the company of children ages zero to five and their families. Perfect for professionals such as early childhood educators and child care providers, public health workers, nurses and other medical providers, and case managers, and for the caregivers of young children. Co-created by Dr. Alicia Lieberman, author of The Emotional Life of the Toddler, and world-renowned expert in the areas of child development and trauma, Attachment Vitamins provides an overview of early social-emotional development with suggestions to support healthy and mutually satisfying caregiver relationships. During the course, participants will learn about early childhood social-emotional development; explore the impact of stress and trauma; reflect on the possible meanings of children's behaviors; delve into the influence of culture on families' socialization goals; and become familiar with a number of strategies aimed to promote secure attachment and safe socialization practices.



Promundo promotes men's caregiving and active fatherhood to encourage equitable gender roles, prevent violence against women and children, and contribute to positive maternal and child health outcomes. Their partners around the world offer positive messaging through media and training classes, particularly for new fathers and couples, which have reached more than 250,000 people. They also encourage national-level advocacy within participating countries. 

Choosing the Right Apps for Kids, from Child Trends. 

Parenting Knowledge Among Parents of Young Children, A Research to Practice Brief.

Traumatic Separation and Refugee and Immigrant Children: Tips for Current Caregivers, from the National Traumatic Stress Network. NOW AVAILABLE IN SPANISH

Supporting Young Parents: A Toolkit from Act for Youth

Wall Posters: Celebrating What Fathers Do Every Day


New eLearning Course

Giving Immigrant Children a Voice: Understanding Traumatic Separation Webinar

Focuses on helping providers, current caregivers, and others recognize the effects of Traumatic Separation in immigrant children of different ages, understand immigrant children's prior trauma experiences, and utilize practical suggestions for supporting immigrant children who have been separated from parents and siblings. Presenters: Judy Cohen, MD, Allegheny General Hospital; Stacey Frymier LPCC, LPAT-ATR, IMH-E (IV-C), Las Cumbres Community Services, Inc.; Javier Rosado, PhD, Florida State University College of Medicine; Saida Abdi, LICSW, Boston Children's Hospital Refugee Trauma and Resilience Center.

Family Estrangement Project

A Cornell project is seeking the help of CCE educators in reaching out to community members. Dr. Karl Pillemer, Professor of Human Development at Cornell, is focusing on the issue of family estrangement; that is, situations where one or more family members cut off contact with one another for a period of time. A goal of the project is to create materials to assist family members experiencing this commong problem, as well as for professionals who work with families. They have created a website for the Cornell Family Reconciliation Project to gather people's stories of how they reconciled with their families after an estrangement. People can share their reconciliation stories on the website at https://www.familyreconciliation.org/

Orange County ToT

On August 9th, 2018 Orange County Parenting Coalition had their NYSPEP Community Café Training of Trainers. At the day long training, participants were introduced to the Community Café model and the Five Protective Factors. Resilience was the theme of the café experience. Round table group discussions explored how families in the community show resilience and the importance of building resilience. NYSPEP would like to thank Kara Georgi for facilitating the discussion, as well as the leads of the Orange County Parenting Coalition for their collaboration.



Call for Submissions for the 20th Annual Families & Fathers National Conference

The 20th Annual Families & Fathers National Conference will be held March 4th-7th in Los Angeles, CA. They are currently seeking workshop proposals with a deadline for abstracts of September 30th. The selection criteria will involve relevance to theme, clarity of workshop, significance, and originality. Presenters must send a 150-300 word abstract, including the presenter's affiliation, biography, workshop title, three learning objectives, and email address. For more information or to apply, click here.