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Webinar Alert: How to Incorporate Storytelling in your Work with Parents - Follow up to NYSPEP Training Institute 2020

This workshop was inspired by the NYSPEP’s recent training, Storytelling: A Tool for Resilience*, which provided a new and deeper understanding of how narrative process and practice promote resiliency and healing. Participants will develop tools and discuss and share ideas about how we can apply storytelling with confidence and success in supporting parents. The conversation will include implementing strategies for a range of formats (parenting classes, home visiting, counseling, etc.) and across different cultural groups. This will be a participatory session with questions and ideas from fellow parenting educators interested in incorporating storytelling into their work. (*Attendance at NYSPEP’s October Training Institute is not a prerequisite to attend this workshop. You can find a description of the Training Institute and the Resource List here.)

Meg Akabas is a NYSPEP Certified Parenting Educator and the recent Chair of the National Parenting Education Network (NPEN). The founder of New York City-based Parenting Solutions, she specializes in working with expectant parents and parents of young children and is an instructor in parenting, infant development, and infant care at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. She is the author of “52 Weeks of Parenting Wisdom: Effective Strategies for Raising Happy, Responsible Kids.” 

Length: 1.5 hours

Date: November 18th   1:00 - 2:30 pm EST

This workshop will support the following NYSPEP Parent Educator Credential competencies:

· Competency Area 5: Parent Development and Family Systems

· Competency Area 9: Strengths-based communication

· Competency Area 11: Working with Diversity

Register in advance for this workshop:

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Grab Your Oxygen First: Tips to Manage Self Care*
Webinar Link

With our partner, the NY Zero-to-Three, we were thrilled to host Donna Morrison, the Deputy Executive Director of The Guidance Center of Westchester, for a conversation on taking care of yourself as a basic step in being an effective parent, parenting educator, caregiver.

In the October 6 webinar "Grab Your Oxygen First", Donna shared information on the influence of stress. She provided a “quiz” to gauge your stress level. Regardless of where you are starting, Donna provided a variety of easy-to-implement strategies for care.

Of the many tips Donna offered, a primary strategy is to manage your self-talk. One key idea: “be emotionally responsible for yourself and suspend judgment.” Other coping techniques: Remind yourself, you are doing the best you can. Feed your mind with thoughts of hope, truth, love. Do you know what brings you joy? Can you name your ‘happy thoughts’ and find your ‘happy place’?

A few of the specific steps you can implement today: enhance your physical environment with scents from candles, infusions, sprays; add real plants, consider low maintenance succulents; take breaks as you need them (get up, walk around, go outside if you can); add reminders and inspirations through posters and post-its; limit the time you spend listening to or reading news. Donna offered many more tips and tools. You can watch the full webinar here.

One final note from Donna: This is constant work, so “when all else fails, come back to your happy thought and start again.”

* Edited from the October 2020 New York Zero to Three Newsletter

Resources for Parenting Educators

Parenting Educators are continuously working to expand their knowledge and skills to best meet the needs of diverse families in an always changing world.  There are several online resources that can help you continue to expand your knowledge and skills. The two shared here are free and can be accessed at your convenience.

North Carolina Parenting Education Network (NCPEN) posts links to a variety of resources on parenting education on their website NCPEN.org.  One interesting category is a list of free trainings on topics linked to parenting educator competencies at   https://ncpen.org/free-trainings-for-credentialing-core-competencies

The Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative offers Essentials of Parenting Education Professional Practice, a free online course where students learn the foundations of professional practice for parenting educators through interactive technology, videos, graphics, and readings in a series of seven modules.    Parenting educators have the option of completing the full seven module course for a certificate of completion or focusing their learning on a specific topic within individual modules.  You can learn more and access the course at https://orparenting.org/parent-educators/essentials-modules/

Watch for more resources on parenting educator competencies in future issues of NYSPEP E-News.